Women Gender Roles: Getting to Know the Multidimensional You

 The Multidimensional Me

The Multidimensional Me

For me, living out my dimensions is not a linear experience, but rather a twisted path of lessons, as I work to integrate my many faces and to express them openly.

Four of these dimensions are: The mother, the lover, the warrior and the seeker.

Mother Nature

Women of all ages are nurturers. Now that my children are grown, I nurture by volunteering as a physical therapist and by helping other women in need.

How do you live out the mother within you? What creative endeavors are you giving birth to?

The Lover

I never want the creative, sensual enjoyment of life to die within me! I keep it alive through dance and other art forms, and by searching out meaningful relationships.

How are you celebrating life, and bringing out the lover within?

The Warrior

Though I wasn’t raised to be a strong, independent woman, I'm learning to become one.

What are you assertive about? What do you stand up for?

The Seeker

Each of us has a spiritual aspect, though the spirit we are in touch with may take many forms. I grew up in a religious home, but now I know that spirituality is more than just religion.

What do you call your seeker? Your spiritual, philosophical side?

The Multidimensional You

I love getting to know myself and all of my dimensions. It’s part of growing older, and it’s part of staying young. I believe that we all have more than once face.

How do you express and integrate your faces into the multidimensional you?