So many Ways to live

 Fly away with me


When I’m home in my routine I think about leaving, just taking off for a month. I always like films about remote destinations, solo adventures, and discovering new cultures.   After publishing and promoting Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife, I’m excited to research for the next book.   Traveling solo is tempting.


So now, as the plane soars into the air, I close my eyes briefly and let out a long breath.  Flying into the clouds, the city lights disappear. My bag is tucked away safely in the overhead compartment and I look around me and there’s not a single person who knows my name. They are all on their laptops or intimate conversations and don’t even notice me. It’s like I’m invisible.


“Indulge yourself” reads on the cover of my More magazine. What is it selling a new car or traveling afar? I think about how slippery the word indulgence is.  In my younger years the word indulgence was associated with shame. “ Someone who gives himself or herself permission to follow their desires.”

I wondered then and I wonder now, what is so wrong with that?


I always enjoy journeys, the space between things. As I lay my head back I think about France. I think about what might be waiting for me on the other side of the world. There are infinite roads, various choices and so many realities, each of them unique. So many ways to live, pub for the evening, warm and loud; maybe a quiet night in a castle listening to the piano by the fire, then Loire Valley with all the history. It’s all a mystery.

Melting into France I discover intriguing people, views, museums and cafes serendipitously. Meandering through each city and village I found getting lost is part of the journey.


Look for blog posts coming up about the fabulous French women I met! Being in France brought history alive and inspired me for my next book on Dangerous Women. I also hope to incorporate the lessons and lifestyle I learned on my adventure back at home.


Then as the plane lands home I feel grounded. I walk to my car and drive the familiar road to my quint little white Victorian house, flowering garden, and picket fence. I call my friends and daughters on the drive home to plan dinner.  I’m content to settle in for a while to the comfort of familiarity and routine. Feeling a bit more empowered and fearless for the next adventure.