Inspirational Women: Eleanor Roosevelt

 Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

"A woman is like a tea bag. You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." --Eleanor Roosevelt

Continuing our series on inspirational women, this week we'd like to celebrate former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who is actually the longest-serving First Lady, since her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was president for four consecutive terms, from 1933 to 1945.

After her husband suffered a polio attack in 1921, it was Eleanor that stepped up to help him continue his political pursuits that eventually landed him in the White House. She was the first First Lady to hold press conferences and to speak at a national convention. And, she even had her own newspaper column.

She fought for expanded roles for women in the workplace, and spoke out for human rights, the rights of World War II refugees and for various women's issues, working on behalf of the League of Women's Voters.

And, she did all of the above while struggling to overcome a betrayal in her marriage.

She was a strong, amazing and inspiring woman and First Lady.

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