Expectations of Women: The Pressure to Be Perfect

 pressure to be perfect

pressure to be perfect

Q: What do you think of the social expectations of women to be the perfect woman/mother? Are women pressured to fulfill these expectations?

A: I bought into the social expectation of the perfect daughter, wife and mother by attempting to be who I should be instead of who I truly was. Until I changed my inner paradigm, I wasn't free.

We are all given scripts and expectations of who we should be. The journey is our individualism. When we support each other, we can break free from these expectations and live out our dreams.

Some women in their late 20s tell me they feel social pressures to get married and to have children, to be sugar and spice and everything nice! When, in reality, they aren't ready to give up their freedom to travel, their exciting careers and the freedom to meet different lovers.

I don't think much of social expectations. There is a lot of pressure on women and people in general to conform and use a playbook written by others for them. As we gain courage to overcome living according to others' expectations, and instead choose our our own path, we will hopefully start to break down and change what society "expects" of us.

Photo: Silvia Eastwood