Dress Your Daughter Up as an Inspirational Woman for Halloween



This Halloween, why not dress your daughter up as an inspirational woman from history instead of a Disney princess? I love the idea and was inspired to post about it precisely because of this article I read that was aptly titled See the 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead of a Disney Princess.

In the article, a photographer dressed up her daughter as Susan B. Anthony, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and Jane Goodall.

Love it!

What inspirational woman would you want to dress up as (or dress your daughter up as) this year? I'd love to hear from you!

Of course, if you or your daughter want to dress up as a Disney princess that is OK, too. Halloween is a fun time to live out our fantasies. Have fun with it!

Photo: Photographer, Jaime C. Moore