Be a Lover of Life


 “Happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind.” Unknown

Are you a lover of life?

What turns you on??

Being a lover of life to me is living in my senses, as opposed to my mind.  While being more sensual will make me a better lover, it will also make me more present, creative, and vibrant.

How do you wake up your senses? What do you taste, hear, touch, see and smell that brings the lover out in you?? Do you turn on your favorite music, wear your favorite scent and lingerie, pour a glass of champagne?

How do you enjoy life even in the mundane? Yes I agree it’s hard to always find joy in life and it takes practice, so we don’t let life beat us down and kill the lover within.

Our jobs, duties, obligations, finances and illness all can interfere, but I don’t want these parts of life to win. I want to BE HAPPY!
I allow myself f to turn off my judgmental mind, through scuba diving, dancing, a relaxing meal, stroll, and being grateful.  I attempt to experiences each moment totally.

No action is too small to ignite our senses. Pleasure is in our mind. That’s what I’ve learned from dance. It celebrates women’s sensual energy at every weight, age and height.  If we as women feel great about ourselves, it’s easier to enjoy sexual pleasures and every aspect of our lives. The art of the tease, whether eating an orange or stripping for my lover or dancing the salsa is to move deliberately and slowly. Instead of quickly devouring my orange in the morning, I turn the process into an anticipatory experience. When I approach life in this manner, even the most simple activities like writting or sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe take on a heightened level of pleasure and satisfaction.

Be creative. Life is short so enjoy the sensual pleasures of life!

Again, love to hear what turns you on, how you find joy in your life, being a lover of life!