4 Misconceptions About Wounded Warriors’ Spouses … and How We Can Help

We’re less than a month away from Veteran’s Day, which means that our brave servicemen and women are getting slightly more attention, affection, and praise from the general public than usual. And that’s a good thing. The people who fight in our armed forces are everyday heroes. They deserve to be honored for their sacrifices and acknowledged for their courage, especially if they’ve returned from combat with life-altering wounds. Know who else deserves our admiration and applause?

The spouses of our wounded veterans. Many Americans will only think about military servicepeople on the holidays that honor them, or when news footage of war-torn countries flashes by. But how often do we think about the wives, husbands, and families that support our injured fighters? Not often enough. And when we do, we may land upon one of these common misconceptions:


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