PRAISE for Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife

“Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife gives a much-needed voice to the 5.5 million hidden heroes across the country who care for our nation’s wounded warriors. Through these stories, Barbara McNally provides an insightful and moving look at the unique challenges caregivers face on a daily basis and inspires us all to take action.”
Steve Schwab, Executive Director, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation
Barbara’s approach on Sexuality through a very genuine dialogue of women experiencing challenges with intimacy was a high point for me. As a clinician that works with those living with a disability, this relatable chapter will be a major reference in practice. She clearly points out the importance of knowing that you are not the only one needing an alternate solution to reclaiming intimacy. I was overwhelmed by the stories of resiliency and creativity.
— Nicole J. Johnson, MSW, MA, LCSW; US Department of Veteran Affairs
In the closing years of America’s longest war, Barbara exposes what many suspected but never voiced: Spousal Post Traumatic Stress. She brings to light in her work the fact that where there’s a wounded warrior, there’s a wounded lover.

Her research interviewing hundreds of warriors’ wives addresses the unasked question, what happens to the warrior’s spouse after the battles are over? A must read for military family readiness groups and concerned citizens.
Command Sergeant Major Dennis J. Woods author of Black Flag Journals, Over the Top, Kill all They Send, Fires Journal
The women I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.
Liz Gilbert, author of Big Magic
These intimate, personal stories of the wives and partners of Wounded Warriors unmasks the untold story of the aftermath of war on the home front. It examines in heartrending detail the seemingly insurmountable challenges families may face when their loved ones return from the war zone bearing deep emotional as well as physical scars.

Barbara McNally has given a tremendous gift not only to those who have served or continue to serve in the military, but to society at large. Everyone should read this unapologetic book to fully comprehend the true toll of war that continues long after the battles have ended—and to see how these resilient wives and partners ultimately offer hope and inspiration to us all.
Larry M. Edwards, author of Dare I Call it Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss
Barbara McNally offers hope to the millions of wives struggling to cope with the unseen afflictions of wounded heroes returning from the Middle East.

Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife is a must read for every woman struggling to rescue her husband from throes of his demons, including PTSD, sexual dysfunction, anger issues, depression, and others, each with the specter of suicide lurking in the shadows of his mind. McNally possesses a hard-earned encyclopedic knowledge of her subject, and compassion and understanding drip from her every word. Had I the power to award it, she would receive a silver star, at the very least!
Larry Rogers, MD, author of Sword and Scalpel: A Doctor Looks Back at Vietnam and M. Gazi Yasargil: Father of Modern Neurosurgery
Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife will open your heart and inspire you to be a part of veterans and their spouses’ lives.
Elise Anne Marie, author of Toy Soldiers
Barbara McNally’s Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife grips your heart and won’t let go. Through a series of factual sketches, McNally paints a much larger portrait, one of courage, commitment, and love in the face of tragedy. Although the warriors’ injuries bear some similarity in cause and impact, the real story lies in the diversity of the effect on their wives and how they respond when thrust into the unfamiliar and demanding role of caregiver.

The result is a master class on Post Traumatic Growth, the positive change experienced by people who face a major crisis in their life. Kudos to McNally for the support she provides the wives though her SPA (Support, Purpose and Appreciation) days and for sharing their stories with us.
Ron McManus, Award-Winning Author of The Drone Enigma
Barbara McNally shines the spotlight on the 1.1 million Post-9/11 military and veteran caregivers who so often live in the shadows. The women featured in this book are unsung heroes, that face daily challenges, caring for their families that have been forever changed by the wars.

Kudos to Ms. McNally for elevating the visibility of military and veteran caregivers everywhere.
Lorie Van Tilburg, Executive Director, Southern Caregiver Resource Center
It’s critical that caregivers have the opportunity to share their stories and Wounded Warrior Wounded Wife covers everything from personal stories to practical and useful advice. There is often no acknowledgment for caregivers. Barbara gives a voice to many who have never been heard. Thank you Barbara for promoting health, wellness, and stress reduction among caregivers and ultimately preventing caregiver burnout.
Sara Boz, PhD,
Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife is powerful and engaging, a much needed acknowledgement that family members are serving, too. Barbara McNally profoundly shares through their stories the extraordinary challenges they face. We must do more in providing support and resources to all members of military families, and especially for those who have had to shift their lives and become caretakers. I will be recommending this book as a must-read for all who work with military members
Lynn Thomas, LCSW, Founder & CEO, EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association)
Physical therapist and debut author McNally, writing in heart-wrenching detail, outlines the bitter joy that comes with being a wife of a wounded military service member. Each of the book’s selected stories illustrates phases of the recovery process from the perspective of a veteran’s wife.

The author frankly discusses anger, traumatic brain injuries, suicide, and other issues. Challenges with sexuality fill a deeply honest chapter. McNally cites findings that post-9/11 military caregivers are more likely to be young (more than 40% are between 18 and 30), veterans of military service themselves, working, and without a support network. “With little warning and almost no training, these women have learned to serve their families as full-time caregivers while their partners try to recover from broken bones, lost limbs, severe head injuries, and other unspeakable assaults on their bodies and beings,” she writes.

McNally describes becoming aware of this issue after witnessing a veteran’s suicide. Along with her own insights, she also shares the sage advice of a number of mental health professionals, meant as a lifeline to caregivers struggling to understand their loved ones’ issues.

After more than a decade of Americans fighting battles on multiple fronts, this is a deeply necessary and poignant offering.
— Publishers Weekly
Very inspiring and encouraging – a must-read for those who are caregivers for our wounded warriors. Especially loved the story of Mai and Lanh!
Penny Lambright, Founder, Patriots & Paws
.... a captivating ride through tragedy, trauma, resiliency, and strength of our amazing military caregivers. Our stories are our heartbeat, the threads that bind us together now and through the generations. Barbara has allowed these amazing women an opportunity to not only share their stories, but also a chance to evaluate and rewrite when when necessary. Stories of weakness have become stories of strength. Stories of hopelessness have shifted into stories of survival. Her passion and desire to matter are evident through her writing, her mission, and her actions. A must read.
Dr. Jude Black LPC, NCC, CEO | Founder E-Therapy Café™, Licensed Professional Counselor
“Barbara McNally’s Wounded Warrior Wounded Wife is a must read for wives attempting to understand and support their husbands as they struggle with reorienting their lives after suffering service related trauma. Over the years, within Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, I have witnessed just how important it is for couples to understand each other in a totally different emotional and physical environment. Barbara’s book should find a place in all homes where greater insight and help is needed for couples struggling to meet the challenges of a new order.”
Ed Nicholson, Capt, USN (RET) Founder and President, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
I applaud Barbara McNally for bringing greater attention and awareness to a subject that so many struggle with. Through the stories and inspiration in Wounded Warrior Wounded Wife, we see the opportunity to find healing at the end of an often very dark tunnel.
Dave Towe, Executive Director, Wave Academy
Wounded Warrior Wounded Wife provides the reader with a stark view of the trials our soldiers face when they return from war. Barbara McNally exposes the sometimes un-pleasantries of trying to return to normalcy when life has been changed by TBI, PTSD, or amputation. The stories she tells are woven from interviews with caregivers, spouses, and veterans just trying to cope with a life changed forever by war. The book is a poignant look at survival of family and love, a must-read for all Americans that support our freedom. Exceptionally written!
J.R. Sharp, CDR, USN (ret), author of Feeding the Enemy
Barbara McNally’s book Wounded Warrior Wounded Wife shines a spotlight on the often unspoken side of wounds and healing throughout the ages.

It shows the impact on those transformed from being a companion, lover and partner to suddenly becoming a full time caregiver as a result of tragedy.

Her book is relevant to anyone facing this challenge of caring for someone they love who is unexpectedly wounded as a result of war, accident or illness.

These individuals are a large and growing part of our population and who deserve recognition. Barbara’s book does just that and more.
— Farrell Gallagher, LCSW, MFT
“Not only does Barbara McNally write with passion, but she also reminds all of us that while an individual person may go off to war, it is the entire family that truly serves. In Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife, we are shown the raw emotions and struggles that Veterans and their families must face when the fighting stops but the battle rages on at home…
Dr. Rob Uniszkiewicz, Author of The Bucket List Chronicles
“Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife shines a critical spotlight on the heroes behind the heroes: wives thrust into the role of inspiring caregivers to their returning wounded warriors. In telling their individual stories, Barbara McNally’s words resonate with each of us, whether we are caregivers, family, friends, or anyone wanting to be inspired by how these amazing women each met adversity head-on, with courage and class.”
Marjorie Morrison, author of The Inside Battle and founder of Psych Armor
“As a wife of a three-time deployed veteran Marine the raw truth in this book was like looking into the lives of those closest to me for a five-year time frame. This book dealt with the good and the bad of PTS and most endearing of the well-written book was the HOPE provided. I can’t begin to express how moved I was by this book. It was a real life look for anyone who hasn’t lived the dark depressing world of PTS...If you need hope for restoration in your battle as a caregiver of someone facing the demons of war or any other high stress job I would recommend you pick up a copy of this book. May God continue to bless this author and her good works.”
— Martina Dewey, Educator
Wounded Warrior: Wounded Wife: Not just Surviving but Thriving by Barbara K. McNally throws light on the demanding lives of military spouses whose stories cannot be understood by everyone, and discusses a topic not many of them would want to talk about. The author takes readers through stories of tragedy, trauma, strength, and resilience of the caregivers who handle adversities with calmness and dignity. The stories are insightful and taken from interviews with spouses, veterans who are coping with their lives after the war, and caretakers. The stress, how families cope when their loved ones return from war, and the emotional distress are all discussed in the book, making it a powerful and inspirational read.

The topic is original and relevant, yet not discussed by many, and the author does a great job by bringing it to the forefront through this book. Wives of soldiers often have a daunting task of caring for them when something untoward happens during times of war. The book is also about creating a healing environment through caring, loving, community support, and compassion that can give a lot of relief to these military heroes and their families. The topic has been handled well by the author and she gives recognition to these caregivers who work towards encouraging, understanding, and supporting the military heroes and their families in their healing process of the outer and inner wounds. The book gives voice to many women out there and will help readers understand more about a topic no one wants to discuss.
— Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
As a military veteran who has seen first-hand how the wounds suffered by our servicemen and women also affect their loved ones, I am glad that Barbara has taken the time to shine a spotlight on this very important issue. The stories shared in her book are truly moving and show how the human spirit can thrive despite the most tragic of circumstances. Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife truly captures the heart of what happens at home, when our military returns from war.
— Jack Chirrick, Operation Homefront